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Also, the images here are all scaled-down and low-resolution versions of the originals, which are either 35 mm film or 6 megapixel digital. High-resolution versions and/or prints of any photos are available—email for details.

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Rocky Mountain National Park
North Central Colorado
Central Colorado
Monterrey, Mexico
West Texas (Days 61-63)
Southern Arizona (Day 60)
Northern Arizona (Day 59)
Southern California (Days 57-58)
Northern California (Days 54-56)
Nevada (Days 51-53)
Oregon (Days 48-50)
Washington (Days 45-47)
Idaho (Days 43-44)
Montana (Days 40-42)
South Dakota (Day 39)
Nebraska (Days 37-38)
Western Oklahoma and Kansas (Days 35-36)
Kansas City and Kansas State (Days 33-34)
Upper Minnesota (Day 32)
Wisconsin and lower Minnesota (Day 31)
Ontario, Michigan, and Illinois (Days 29-30)
Upstate New York (Day 28)
New Hampshire and Vermont (Day 27)
The New England Coast (Days 24-26)
Philadelphia and New York City (Day 23)
Maryland and Delaware (Day 22)
Washington, DC (Days 19-21)
The South (Days 15-18)
New Orleans (Days 8-12)
Eastern Oklahoma (Days 1-7, 13-14)

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