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Before GART, there was By Still Waters. About a month before heading out on my cross-country trip, I went and spent a week in the wilderness, so to speak. It was a time to get away from all distractions, to be alone with God and try to figure things out, basically. After a week in the woods, I took a side trip to destroy New Orleans and, a few days later, time traveled back to Oklahoma. I emailed reports back to my church small group during this time. Here is a collection of those emails.

I never have figured out exactly what to do with this part of the story, since it is not exactly part of the nationwide road trip. Also, it is rather personal. It was written for a few very close friends, and was not intended at the time for mass consumption. So, it is still here, somewhat separate but also very much connected to what happens in the rest of the blog.

Day 0 – The trip out
Day 1 – All things new
Day 2 – The lord of the flies
Day 3 – On the third day
Day 4 – Hochatown
Day 5 – Kayaking
Day 6 – Grey
Day 7 – Winds of change, or some other overly dramatic title
Day 8 – LA
Day 9 – A time to tear down
Day 10 – One man’s trash
Day 11 – Intentionally lost
Day 12 – Waterlogged
Day 13 – Familiar passages
Day 14 – By Stillwater





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